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Mission Statement
Manacare considers its mission as a handshake of peace and goodwill and a step towards the hope that people from different lands and cultures can work together and, whilst caring about each other, ultimately take a stride towards the achievement of peace on our earth.

Please help us.

Risks Policy

Manacare volunteers are covered by the Public Liability Insurance Policy, but not Medical Insurance.

  • All Volunteers offering to work overseas must take out their own Insurance Policy before leaving their country of residence.
  • All Volunteers must have a Return Flight Ticket, or lodge with Manacare funds to purchase such ticket.
  • All Volunteers must sign the Child Protection Disclaimer before carrying out any volunteer work for Manacare.
  • Whilst wearing Manacare identification, i.e. t-shirt or ID badge, all volunteers agree to act with decorum and be polite to the General Public.