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Mission Statement
Manacare considers its mission as a handshake of peace and goodwill and a step towards the hope that people from different lands and cultures can work together and, whilst caring about each other, ultimately take a stride towards the achievement of peace on our earth.

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Hopes and Dreams Village – Sri-Lanka

Hopes and Dreams Village – Sri-Lanka

One of our larger disaster zone projects began when the Tsunami hit Sri-Lanka in 2004. We responded by visiting the country and began a very long and difficult process of building a Manacare aid centre. By 2006 Manacare had purchased 2.3 acres of land, in Tellwatta which is 10 miles east of the town of Ambulangoda, and 10 miles west before the tourist town of Hikaduwa. Our aim was to help build a community,offer aid, support, medical assistance, shelter, food and assistance.

The centre was named ‘Hopes and Dreams’ and nearly ten years on is still providing social support, medical and physio to vitims of the Tsunami (expecially young children and adults who lost limbs during the disaster). We also employ locals who make soaps, candles, t-shirts, bed linen and a whole host of things. These items keep the local community in employment and allow them to care for their families. The items made in our centre are sold to local businesses, hotels and tourists.

Our centre also houses several orphans. One in particular was told that his two legs would have to be amputated, he is now being cared for at the ‘Hopes and Dreams’ village, has two sessions of physio each week and is responding well to his treatment, our specialists tells us his legs will not now be amputated. Another success story.