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Mission Statement
Manacare considers its mission as a handshake of peace and goodwill and a step towards the hope that people from different lands and cultures can work together and, whilst caring about each other, ultimately take a stride towards the achievement of peace on our earth.

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South Africa

P.O. Box 102, Walkerville, Johannesburg, South Africa
Telephone: +27 11 949 2030
Staff: Vera Els, Ben Els and Bill Kaspersen.

Hopes and Dreams Charity Shop - Manacare Foundation

Ben and Vera outside the Hopes & Dreams shop

We are feeding and clothing over 100 families in our outreach work in and around Johannesburg, some families having no roof over their heads and most of them unemployed with no money coming in at all. We are working closely amongst the families whose babies under a year old have been raped by incoming refugees.

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 In addition to our outreach programme we run a Feeding Programme from our Hopes and Dreams shop where we give hot breakfasts to children on their way to school, and hot vegetable soup to children on their way home from school. We also supply these familes with clothing and with household items.

Over the years both Nestle and Gerber have been very generous in donating foods for us to distribute.

We have always worked closely with the staff and children at the Dimpho Stimulation and will continue to provide food, clothing and therapy equipment to them.

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Every year we hold a one-day event for the local orphaned and homeless children, where they have surprises every hour, from ice cream and jelly to Santa Claus.

We are working closely with several Care Homes for the Elderly involving feeding and clothing programmes.