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Mission Statement
Manacare considers its mission as a handshake of peace and goodwill and a step towards the hope that people from different lands and cultures can work together and, whilst caring about each other, ultimately take a stride towards the achievement of peace on our earth.

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Sri Lanka

Manacare completed a project in Sri Lanka in 1996 at Ragama Hospital, bringing its expertise for application in the Disability Unit, mainly for those having lost limbs after having been subjected to injury from mine explosions. Cerebral Palsy children are also given therapy as are elderly stroke victims. Because of this connection, Manacare made its decision to direct its post-Tsunami aid to Sri Lanka.

The Village of Hopes and Dreams

A month after the Tsunami which hit Sri Lanka in December 2004, Manacare carried out extensive survey work and as a result of findings have endeavoured to pitch its work where no other NGO’s are as yet making provision, that is Community development. Manacare shipped ten 20 foot containers of aid items, all collected in Spain and Gibraltar.

Many voluntary organizations are building housing, but it was felt that the necessary infrastructure leading to a secure future for the victims of Tsunami needed to be put into place, maybe alongside housing projects.

Manacare purchased 2.3 acres of land, in Tellwatta which is 10 miles east of the town of Ambulangoda, and 10 miles west before the tourist town of Hikaduwa, famous for its diving holidays.

Architectural plans were drawn up planning permission obtained, and building work commenced in April 2005.

Manacare has now provided:

Montessori School

(picture to follow)

Computer Lessons

Computer Lessons at Manacare's Hopes and Dream's Village

Chess Club

Chess-Club at Manacare's Hopes and Dreams Village

Music Lessons

Music-Lessons at Manacare's Hopes and Dreams Village


Creche at Manacare's Hopes & Dreams Village

Community  Room

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(picture to follow)


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Medical Centre

Medical Centre at Manacare's Hope & Dreams Village

Physiotherapy Centre

Physiotherapy Centre at Manacare's Hopes & Dreams Village

Playground with Little Tyke Slides, Swings, Play House and more

Playground at Manacare's Hopes and Dreams Village

Playground at Manacare's Hopes and Dreams Village

Starter Swimming Pool

Starter Pool at Manacare's Hopes & Dreams Village

Sports Facilities (Cricket, Netball, Badminton, Swimming)

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Dance and Music Lessons

(picture to follow)

Eventually it is hoped that the above facilities will be sustained by the following:

Carpentry Workshop

Sewing Training and Workshop

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Our sewing workshop is now making:

sheets, curtains, mosquito nets, hotel uniforms, table cloths, serviettes, drinks mats, clothing and many more items

Soap Making

(picture to follow)

Our soap making workshop mow makes 17,000 bars of soap each month; we currently supply hand-made soaps to:

Jetwing, Fort Printers, the Frangipani Tree, Galle Fort Hotel

Candle Making

(picture to follow)

Our candle workshop makes many candles for local hotels and shops, and makes special candles for weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations.

Specialist Items

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We also make many specialized items, such as Footprints (beach shoes)and personalised Tuk Tuk models that are sold in many local shops and  hotel shops, and to individual visitors.

We are hoping to be able to sell our goods online in the near future. 

The final phase is building houses … we have five so far :

Newan’s House

Newan's House at Manacare's Hopes and Dreams Village

Nilantha’s House

Nilantha is an orphan … he has cerebral palsy and was in an orphanage, Mo and Dhyan sponsored Nilantha, and still do so.

Nilantha at Manacare's Hope & Dreams Village

Nilantha now lives with us with a full time carer,  this is his first time in the swimming pool he now smiles as you can see, he also moves his arms, and is eating and drinking lots, he loves seeing the trees, feeling water, holding his teddy bear, and watching TV

This is Nilantha’s House

Nilantha's House at Manacare's Hopes and Dreams Village

Nilantha's House at Manacare's Hopes and Dreams Village


On physical completion of the first phase of the three Hopes and Dreams projects Manacare will be providing the worst hit areas of Tsunami with Educational Facilities, Medical Facilities, Vocational Training, Individual Therapy Programmes, Counselling, Care for the very young, and a range of competitive Sports Training schemes.

The final phase will provide Housing for four of the most vulnerable groups of people brought about as a consequence of Tsunami, making the scheme as a whole one of the most sought after for provision in the many areas of devastation.
Continuous fund raising is going to be necessary for the first three years after which it is expected that each Centre will have its own sustainability programme in full operation.

Manacare will take full responsibility for the advancement, improvement and expansion of the projects. It is hoped that volunteers around the world will continue to offer their help and advice, and that sponsors will continue to offer their financial support for many years to come.

Manacare wishes to find similar groups to twin with; groups operating in the projects both for the personal growth of participants and to continue creating overseas interest and support.

Also to twin companies around the world to help with sustainability, almost creating a Corporate Social Responsibility programme.