sometimes big problems just need small solutions
Mission Statement
Manacare considers its mission as a handshake of peace and goodwill and a step towards the hope that people from different lands and cultures can work together and, whilst caring about each other, ultimately take a stride towards the achievement of peace on our earth.

Please help us.

Thank You

Continuous Fund Raising is going to be necessary until the Hopes and Dreams project in Sri Lanka becomes sustainable and the Hopes and Dreams project in South Africa becomes sustainable.

Manacare Dove

 We are truly thankful for the many donors

 Manacare has taken full responsibility for the advancement, improvement and expansion of all its projects.

 It is hoped that volunteers around the the world will continue to offer their help and advice, and also that sponsors will continue to offer their financial support for many years to come

There are so many people who have helped The Manacare Foundation throughout the years, and others who are still helping us today, so we would like to say a big “Thank You!” to you all. It is with your help and support that we can raise the funds needed to make a difference to others.

Thank You - from the Manacare Foundation